More Than Melanin

More Than Melanin

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  Television and Race

Who we are...

I am someone who "looks black" and "sounds white", depending on who you ask. But I am neither.
I am someone who refuses to be colour-coded and strives to help others feel comfortable in their skin, not trapped by it.
My name is Joshua. And I am a writer, model and equality-enthusiast.

...and what we do.

"Light" enough to benefit from white privilege, yet "dark" enough to not be blamed for it. 

Born and raised in London, I've been exposed to so many wonderful cultures and ideas.

My name is Issy and I’m a gamer, a film and television enthusiast and hopefully a half-decent writer.


How We See Things

"Through times of great challenge and great change, we have remembered... what unites us is always more powerful than what divides us." 
- Barack Obama          
This truth, which outpaces skin colour or race, is too often forgotten.

What Needs Attention